Hetty Pegler tells us about her new cria Loupin Stanes

Loupin Stanes is my new girl.  Quickest birth of the year and one of the largest crias any girl has had here.

Loupin is a real sweetie.  The boys Dorstone, Kilpeck and Durrington are fascinated by her.  They have a new plaything.

The funny thing about us mums is that we’re dead narky before the birth and then super cool after and we put up with any amount of pestering of our crias by their older sibs.  Mind you, if someone else’s cria comes sniffing around ME for milk they get both barrels pretty pronto, I can tell you.  No!  My milk is for my Loupin.  If the boys rough house her, so what!  She can catch up and tell ‘em where to get off pretty soon.

And here she is at 12 days old.  I eat and she feeds.  Soon she’ll be eating a bit of grass just like the boys.  But for now, it’s just play, play and more play.  Crias really do have the best lives, you know.

I love Loupin very much

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