Hazelton is Reserve Champion of the Newbury Show

(She’s only 14 months old)

Gosh!  I’ve been to show before, but Newbury was bigger.  My dad Pharaoh and my sisters Belas Knap, Tintagel, Ann Howe and me spent two nights away from the farm.

We had a beauty parade and lovely Tintagel looked terrific in her pink halter and she was first in her class with Belas Knap second.  They were given pretty red and blue ribbons by a nice lady.  Ann Howe and I were given pretty ribbons, then more pretty ribbons and I had a silver cup for being very clever and very pretty all at the same time.  The nice lady said I was Reserve Champion but I don’t know what that means.

And that was only the morning, and then I got tired.  We lay around all afternoon, snoozing in our pen.  Very nice people came and talked at us.

Smelly animals called ‘pigs’ were near and I didn’t like them.

A very funny creature called Al Packer was close by – he had a long neck and silly hair.

My sisters and me slept in a big tent.  Dad and lots of other llamas were in the tent with us.  I’ve never seen other llamas before.  It was lovely.  They were nice.

We went home and slept in our chariot and woke in our field again.  Everyone said ‘hello’ and I was happy to see my mum Long Meg again.  Sleepy…

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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