Croft Ambrey talks about four treks in four days


Hello All,


We’re a bit tired.  But in a good way.  Four llama treks in four days and our people kept us up to the mark.

We’d been lulled into thinking we were going to have a relaxing few days as our people were away visiting llama friends.  Then they returned and:

Thursday llama trek;

Friday llama trek;

Saturday llama trek;

Sunday llama trek.



All the main trekking boys went out at least once, and I was given a special role at the front of the line on a couple of the treks.  Now, normally it’s Brodgar who leads, but our people think it’s a good idea to mix it up and see who else might want a leading role.  So, up to the front for me and there I am on the right taking a large party out of the yard at Old King Street Farm.  I’m still learning this role and I feel a little uncertain at the front, but all is well once we’re out of site of home and I step out.


They say that llamas aren’t ‘mature’ till we are four.  This can mean we look up to another llama or aren’t so sure about our role, but learning that ‘new’ need not be scary is good.  We gain confidence when we repeat a good experience.


It always helps of course when we have good weather, and true to form, the sun shone and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Our guest two-leg trekkers did too and they cuddled and hugged us on our trek.


The village was busy but we calmly walked through crowds and past noisy traffic.  The Exmoor ponies we often meet on our walks now know us well and they usually stand and watch as we pass by.  A couple came up for a closer look and we had a good close look back at them.


The extra special treat at the end of the walks comes when we are allowed to eat leaves from the apple trees.  Apples are just the best and reaching up to the trees and manipulating my mouth quickly so I can eat as many leaves as possible is great.  Our people broke up apples and hand fed me which I loved.  Whole apples are hard to eat, and it’s much better when we are fed small pieces.


Llama trekking is great fun.



A couple of weeks back we went to a local village show in nearby Longtown.  What was exciting was that this was the first time young Rollright and Moai had left the farm.  They were wonderful and lots of lovely people came to see us in our pen and as we paraded in the ring.  Now, this will give our people a headache; in a few days we’re off to the Newbury Show and our people don’t know which llamas to take.  Will it be the young boys or the young girls?  We’ll have to wait and see…


Lead trekking llama Croft Ambrey signing off


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