Carnac on a busy weekend

As you know, we are often guests at weddings and we also like to take out hen parties.  Yesterday the gang went out with a party of 19 happy hens and today I have just returned from a trek with Rollright, Moai, Stonehenge and Kilpeck Castle.

A lovely family wanted to know all about llamas and to take a bit of a walk with us.  It is pretty hot at the mo so we go out early in the day which is jolly sensible.  Nobody could accuse me ‘n’ Kilpeck of being the paciest llamas and we dawdled up the hill to the Common.  Once we’re on the flat we trundle along quite happily and love taking in the views.  Lots of stops are nice, but we never stay in one place for long as there are so many things to show our new friends.

You can see Kilpeck with Carys and I am walking with Sophie.  They were both very kind and gentle.  Kilpeck was cuddled for most of the trek and I had my neck stroked lots.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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