Brodgar on Loyalty


I think I’ve been sold a pup.


It was meant to be that nephew Stanton Drew and I loved each other equally, had a mutual system of support, looked out for one another and made sure we were always close to one another in the yard, the fields or on a llama trek.


But that young chap is not as loyal as I thought.  The love is a bit one way.  Let me tell you how I found out.


Over the New Year the two legs had family to stay and the family decided to take a few of us out for a little walk around the village – all well and good you would think.  Now, I have an undeserved reputation for being stoical, unemotional and hard to read, I think because my facial expressions don’t change when I’m happy or sad.  Crofty, Silb and I were haltered and set off, but as soon as we reached the tarmac I planted my front feet and said ‘I don’t think so.  I want my nephie, Stan’.  So, Crofty was taken back, Stan haltered in his place and off we went for a walk.  Stan walks close to me and I like to give him confidence.  Great, a good walk and all was well.


Then, a couple of things happened that showed me who really loves whom.  The field penning here at Old King Street Farm is a smart idea.  It means the two legs don’t have to think too hard when they shift us round from paddock to paddock.  We can be shunted into a small holding pen whilst a new field is prepared.  The catches on these pens are getting old and Stan managed to pen himself the other day when he pushed against the gate, it opened, he went in and the gate closed behind him.  Well, the boys were on their way up to the yard for tasty mix ‘n’ hay but I could see Stan was getting upset, so I stayed with him.  He was calling, so I kushed right outside his pen and he and I ate grass.  All well and good you’d think.  Our people came and rescued him and together we scampered up to the barn for feed.


Two days later the same thing happened again except it was me who leaned a little too heavily on the gate. It opened, I went into the pen and the gate closed ‘clunk’ behind me.  Oh well, there go, Silb, Sten, Aves, Crofty, Ringy, Roly and Mo up to the barn.  Stan and I’ll stay here till I’m rescued I thought.  But no!  Tagging along with the boys (not even at the end mind you which would have shown residual feelings for Unc), there goes Stan up to the barn leaving me all on my own in my pen.  Humph.


Our people released me and I legged it up the hill to the yard where Stan came to see me like a long, lost friend.  But I knew, food is more important to Stan than good ol’ uncle Brodgar.  Oh well, the bonds that tie us need to be gently teased apart sometimes and this was a way to do it.


Our clever people have worked out that I will mentor anything younger and in need of support, so I’ve already taken young Rollright and Moai around the village since the New Year.  They are brilliant and will be trekking very soon.


I can be proud of the job I’ve done on young Stanton Drew.  He is a top trekker and may one day take over my lead role on treks.  No doubt he will mentor the next generation of youngsters who are due this year.


More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon


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