Brodgar and Rollright go to the Shops

Morning Llama Fans,

The Two-Legs tell us life is strange at the moment.  We’re not sure what has happened, but we do know that last month was our busiest trekking month ever and this month – nothing.  What’s going on?  It’s like people have gone and locked themselves away….

But we get fed every day – the ol’ tasty mix and lovely hay – and our people move us around our various fields and we enjoy life on the farm.

I know people have to eat too so yesterday I suggested we all go to the shops and I would be happy to carry the Two-Legs food home.

Rollright and I left the others tucking in to hay in the yard and set off.  I wore my splendid colourful pannier because the llama is a pack animal and I can carry things in it.

We set off down the hill and met our neighbours on the walk.  A couple of horses were out with their people and they waited for us to pass before trotting up the hill.  Horses can get a bit scared when they see a magnificent llama so with everyone keeping their distance all was well.

In the village our gentle female person went shopping and Rollie and I looked after our male person outside the shop so he didn’t get lost.  There were lots of people popping in and out of the shops.  They were pleased to see us out and about and I think, a little jealous, as they didn’t have a splendid llama to carry their food home.

We returned home where our halters were taken off and I had my pannier removed.  A dipper of extra mix appeared.  Ringsbury also managed to put himself in the right place for more of the ol’ tasty – clever chap.  We strolled back to Home Field and mooched about in the sun and grazed a little.

Visitors should be coming back to visit us the week after next, so we hope to see some trekking two-legs then.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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