Brodgar and Friends are Fed a Basket of Carrots

Hello, All You Fans of the Carrot-Munching Llama,


What a Splendid and Very Tasty Surprise.  On the Twelfth Day of Christmas My True Loves gave to Me – Twelve Pounds of Carrots……


Trefor and Sophie who we love and who visit us often sent us (Correction, ME) the most marvellous present of a basket of that most tasty of treats – the Carrot.


Just the ticket when you’re stuck in the ol’ yard without places to go and people to see.  What with all the rain last month and now the snow it really cheered me up when I opened my card and unclipped my carrot voucher.  Quick as a trice I sent the Two Legs off to fetch the munchies.

There were so many that I was quickly persuaded to share my treat with the rest of the gang.  (I think that if I hadn’t, Ringsbury would have taken me aside and pointed out the error of my ways.  It’s much better to be generous I now realise).

The thing about carrots is that whilst we delicately take the thinly sliced goodies, we then really have to chew the crunchy treats.  I don’t think this is the best time to take a photo of the most handsome llama.  Yes, I don’t come out of this too well, but have you seen Ringsbury?  I mean!  Mouth all over the place, jaw going like the clappers, and then quickly back for more.

Our people told us they held some of the carrots back till tomorrow and we’re sure to have more to nosh then.

Thank you, Trefor and Sophie, and a Very Happy New Year to you both.

More news from Carrot Valley Llamas soon

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