Belas Knap meets the Brownies

Hello All.  Everyone knows I’m a good natured young llama, and I’m very happy to meet lots of people.  Lots of people arrived at the farm this week.  There were more than 40 of them.  Big ones and their little ones.  The children were called Brownies and they had come to visit and walk with us.


Our people showed us off to the Brownies.  They talked about what we eat, and our family life with mothers, sisters and brothers; pointed out we like to stand at arm’s length from people, but that youngsters are curious and come in to look closely at faces and feet, and mentioned our lovely coats.  I’m always a catwalk model when it comes to talking about fibre.  My female person is dying to get her hands on my fleece and turn it into a rug.  You see, I have a lovely crimp to my coat and it’s very shiny indeed.


The Brownies groomed us.  You can see me here with lots of little girls who were very keen to brush me.  One at a time was best, but as you can imagine, the Brownies all wanted to groom me at the same time, so I just stood and let them.  I zoned out and went to my happy place.


Lovely Brodgar led Moai, Tintagel, Rollright, Stenness and me for a walk off the farm.  Each llama had an adult person and five Brownies with him or her and everyone shared and had a chance to lead us.  The Brownies were very good.  We went to the children’s play area on the recreation ground where the Brownies tried the slide, before the trek returned to our home.


More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon


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