Avebury’s Diary


Hello again, I haven’t been in touch for a while.


Gosh, we’ve had some weather up here at Old King Street Farm in the last week or so.  It rained a lot, and the stream was full to overflowing.  Our people call us ‘Stupid Llamas’ when they see us lying in the field in the rain, but 24 hours of rain doesn’t penetrate our fibre.  We do look a lot smaller when we’re wet and people don’t realize what thin necks we have till they see us in the rain. So, what with our people calling us stupid and Silbury calling me an idiot, the insults are flying. I don`t care, I just carry on.


We have a couple of llama treks planned for next week.  There are people staying in the holiday cottages who would like to get to know us better – and we’d like to meet them too – so we’ll guide them on a walk which will be fun.


As you know, our three oldest girls are away at the moment, hopefully being readied for motherhood.  In their absence little Tenbury Wells has been establishing her authority.  She trots to the top of our little Andean peak and snorts at the rest of us llamas.  I’d swear that she snorts so loudly, she blasts herself off the ground.  It’s a strange thing to do, and I don’t really bother trying to put the others in their place because I’m a gentle thing who doesn’t want to create a stir.  I know my place in the herd.  Apparently Tenbury Wells and Long Meg are going off to see if they will become pregnant soon.  I think they are ready – they keep flirting with Ringsbury.  They shouldn’t be away long, and the older girls will be back next month, so we’ll be a herd of ten again which makes me very happy to think about.


More llama chat soon



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