Ann Howe on the 2015 Christmas llama trek

Good Grief!  What about the natural dignity of animals?  Look at me!

Our Christmas Llama Trek took place yesterday and it was the biggest we’ve had with 15 llamas and a large gaggle of two-legs trotting along with us.

I drew the short straw this year and it was me who had to wear the Christmas antlers, but I managed to flick them into a hedge pretty pronto with a deft flick of the neck, ha ha.

We like the Christmas walk.  Everyone is very jolly and it is the first time the babies take a walk from the farm.  So, my dear mum Maes Howe, and the other mothers Long Meg, Hetty Pegler and Marden gently coaxed their crias Kilpeck, Durrington, Loupin and Dorstone along on a tour of the village.

Some crias took to the walk better than others.  Dorstone is mature and walked well with Marden from the start.  Kilpeck pulled a bit, but I moved alongside him and Maes Howe and I sandwiched him between us and he calmed down.  Loupin slowly ‘got it’ and by the end she was walking very nicely.  Strong little Durrington pulled a lot and it was only at the end we realised he didn’t want to walk with mum Long Meg, so much as with the big boys at the front.  His two-leg companions quickly took him up close to Rollright who is gentle with him and all went well.

Our people were pleased with us and we had a lot more hay and the tasty stuff as a reward.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon and we hope to see you Llama Trekking in 2016

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