Ann Howe and Hazelton at Jan and Tristan’s Wedding

Hello, Annie and Hazelton here.  Yesterday we had the most wonderful day at the wedding of our good friends Jan and Tristan.  This was at a Church in a very big city.  The Church was on the edge of a lovely green so there were plenty of snacking opportunities before the bride and groom arrived.

Lots of people wanted to have pictures of us so we stood and had our velveteen necks stroked as a thousand photos were taken.  Then, we walked up to the door with Jan and Tristan and they popped inside with all their friends and families for a spell.

This was good because it meant we could tuck in to the food our people had taken for us.  We shared a net, but somebody did comment that there seemed to be fewer roses around us than they had imagined….

Then we heard the final music wafting out so we stood at the Church door to give our very good friends all our best wishes.  Photos were taken, we were stroked, more photos were taken, we were stroked a bit more and we walked the couple to the Church gate.  Yet more photos were taken.

It was just lovely.  Glorious late Summer sunshine and such a crowd of happy wedding guests.  We were invited to stay for nosh and this was splendid.  Well, actually the two-legs ate their food from plates, and it meant we could examine the roses again.

We made our way home and later Jan and Tristan followed as they are staying on the farm for their honeymoon.  This is great because we can see them every day.  Apparently we are ‘going to be made into a cushion’ for them, but we think this means our female two-leg will spin and weave a cushion from our coats.  Well, we hope so.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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