Ann Howe and Hazelton at Helen and Wayne’s Wedding

Hello, Annie and Hazelton, your wedding reporters here.

We had gorgeous weather for our visit to Helen and Wayne’s wedding at the weekend.  It was completely brilliant and everyone was so nice we all had a lovely time.

We accompanied the happy couple on a tour of different sites and had our photos taken by a lovely little house.

Then we walked through the marquee.  This was good, because each table had floral bouquets on it and that’s always good.

We spotted a photo opportunity and stuck our heads through a picture frame and everyone loved that.

And we stood with the newlyweds and were cuddled and stroked.  As you can see, we spotted some flowers again and then, Oh Boy! We managed to reach the leaves of the tree above us and it was time for the Wedding Breakfast for llamas.  Wow!

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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