05-06-22  Ann Howe ponders on Ringsbury’s Words in May 2022

Our beloved leader Ringsbury imparted some wise words of wisdom and we always listen careful to what he has to say. I nod to each of my llama family in complete agreement. We all listen respectfully and intently with much humming, and chip in with ‘hear, hear’ and ‘good show’ and ‘hurrah for the Golden Valley Llamas’ and eh? (from Loupin). The assembled throng know that his words are always on the nail. He said that we must make sure the two legs of the world, who come to our beautiful

farm, have the best time and it’s our responsibility to make sure that happens.

Each of us came away from that meeting, high in spirits and charged with pride and determined that no two leg will leave Golden Valley Llamas without a smile.

With Spring in full grip of the farm, it’s always an exciting place. There are new goslings on the lake, bees in the hedgerows, roses about to zing into colour, the trees are full to bursting with new fledglings, woodpeckers, cuckoos, the rolling hills stretch far into the distance a blaze of green at its peak, peace and serenity surround us.  We are lucky llamas you know.

We look forward to seeing you on our farm and putting all Ringsbury’s words into action.

You see, we take pride in our work – ever the professionals, you will love meeting the herd at Golden Valley Llamas

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