Llama Trekking in Herefordshire and Wales


Why not hold your hen party at our farm, or have our llamas at your wedding or buy a llama trekking gift voucher as a present for family or friends?


Llama trek experience

  • You will help call in, catch, halter, groom and walk your llama through our fields and farm, or beyond though the glorious Herefordshire countryside
  • Llama Treks tailored to your party's requirements - we don't mix parties of trekkers so only your family or party will be taking your trek. It will be your exclusive experience
  • Price per person, either with one llama each or sharing one llama between two people £45 adults, £30 children
  • Llama trek experience based on a minimum of two adults - £90
  • Trek experiences last around two and a half hours


We take our llamas out throughout the year, and can usually accommodate you and your party at short notice.



'More relaxing than a day in the spa' - Dani, June 2019

'Best Time Ever' - Trip Advisor review Nov 2018

'We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our llama trek with Stenness and Brodgar. They were wonderful and engaging animals and were a pleasure to be with. We both felt that you treated us well and the relaxed manner of our 'experience' really enhanced it. It was clear that you have a deep regard and affection for your llamas. They are special animals. Thank you so much for making our weekend in Herefordshire so lovely.'

'Just wanted to write and thank you for the lovely time we had yesterday on our llama trek. It was a fantastic experience that we will remember for years to come. You made us feel very welcome and answered our questions as if we were friends going on a walk together which was really nice.'

'Our walks with the four-legs and two-legs made our weekend!'

'We love the llamas!'

'The llamas are gorgeous - we loved our trek.'



Llamas for sale A llama writes...

Llama trek details

Llamas are members of the camel family. These charming, inquisitive and gentle animals will delight in accompanying you on a walk through the village of Ewyas Harold set in the beautiful South Herefordshire countryside.

Llamas are not ridden, but wear a halter and walk on a lead rope.

A typical llama trek experience will start with us calling the llamas into the penning area. An incentive (a bribe!) of a mouthful of their specialist feed, perhaps supplemented with some carrot might help.

The llamas are fed, and trekkers will halter and groom them so the llamas are ready to walk. It really is that simple.

Each llama on its lead rope will follow you as you set off at a gentle stroll. We will accompany you on your llama trek through our fields and down the hill into the village where the llamas are always very well received.

We return to the farmyard where the llamas are rewarded with some more food before you release your llama to stroll back to the field.

Often the llamas will linger for five minutes before leaving - a sure sign that they have enjoyed themselves.

You will notice the different characters of the llamas. They are traditionally seen as curious yet aloof and are the most interested of all animals and love new experiences. Eleven of the fifteen llamas trek and the Golden Valley Llamas herd at Old King Street Farm have distinctive personalities:


Brodgar is a happy walker. He has been walk leader for several years, and is happy to walk in any position in the string of llamas. A twice former Best Gelding and Agility Champion at the British Llama Society annual show. Now handing on trekking duties to a younger generation but will continue to take short walks round the village

Golden Valley Stanton Drew has taken over front llama duties from his uncle Brodgar.

Golden Valley Rollright often walks at the front of the line, and like his full brother Stanton Drew can also bring up the rear of the line.

Golden Valley Moai is a confident chap and shows great interest in all around him. Claims he wants to walk in front, but happiest is a close second place

Golden Valley Tintagel was born in 2012 and is a regular trekker. She is quietly unassuming and is very good at front or back of the line.

Golden Valley Ann Howe took her first trek in May 2014 as did Golden Valley Hazelton and they are two fine young trekkers. Hazelton likes to amble and is very cuddly.

British Llama Society National Supreme Champion 2015 Golden Valley Carnac and his brother Golden Valley Stonehenge were born in the summer of 2014. In the summer of 2015 they were integrated into the trekking herd and are serious llama walkers.

One year old Golden Valley Kilpeck took his first trek in July 2016, and his slightly younger sister Golden Valley Loupin Stanes British Llama Society National Supreme Champion 2016, took her first trek in August 2016. We have high hopes for the two amenable young llamas.


The llamas have their own blog in the A Llama Writes page and a decade of these can be found in the Archive section of the website. Find out more about the Golden Valley herd by reading their thoughts.


Llama trekking is available to both people staying in our self catering Herefordshire holiday cottages or day visitors by appointment.  We can usually accommodate a llama trek around the edge of the Black Mountains, in this most beautiful corner of Herefordshire, at short notice. And don't forget, this will be your party's exclusive experience.


Our llamas are also be available for events away from the farm, so if you would like to have our llamas at your wedding, party, or similar occasion please enquire


Therapeutic value

It is reported widely and we have witnessed ourselves that llamas are suitable for close contact with children due to their docile and friendly natures. Parents have reported children being willing to walk twice as far when accompanied by llamas. Autistic children can respond especially well to llamas, sometimes the expressive eyes of the animal help them make their first sustained eye contact. The good results llamas have with children may in part be due to how pleasant they are to touch.