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Long Meg's Diary  03-04-06

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Avebury's Diary  13-07-06

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Ringsbury's Diary 15-01-08

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Silbury's Diary 21-04-08

Maes Howe's Diary 20-05-08

Maes Howe's Diary 21-06-08

Long Meg's Diary 15-07-08

Silbury's Diary 06-08-08

Tenbury Wells' Diary 01-09-08 - Merrivale is born

Silbury's Diary 26-09-08 - at the Newbury Show

Silbury's Diary 08-12-08 - ruminations and trek with Laura and Andrew

Croft Ambrey's First Diary and the Christmas Walk 06-01-09

Silbury's Diary 19-03-09

Ringsbury's Ruminations 19-04-09

Croft Ambrey's Diary 11-05-09 - Croft Ambrey is the Champion Llama at the 150th North Somerset Show

Silbury's Diary 23-06-09 Herefordshire Walking Festival

Long Meg's Diary 05-07-09 - the birth of Stanton Drew

Maes Howe's Diary 03-08-09 - the birth of Hetty Pegler

Ringsbury's Ruminations 24-08-09

Kennett's First Diary 09-09-09

Silbury and friends at the Newbury Show 29-09-09

Maes Howe talks about her daughter Hetty Pegler 07-12-09

Brodgar and the llama trekkers meet the BBC 11-12-09

Ringsbury's views on young llamas and respect 22-02-10

Stenness chats about the young geldings Croft Ambrey and Kennett 24-04-10

Ringsbury Ruminates on a Llama Exhibition and Golden Valley Llamas' Doll Tor being awarded the Championship at the North Somerset Show 05-05-10

Silbury's Diary and Pepsi's Thoughts 04-06-10

Tenbury Wells' Diary 17-06-10 - Marden is born

Long Meg's Diary 31-07-10 - Rollright is born

Maes Howe's Diary 14-08-10 - Moai is born

Stenness' Diary 21-09-10 - Newbury Show 2010, the Gelding Champion

Stanton Drew's Diary 18-10-10 - Stanton Drew is gelded

Ringsbury's Ruminations 20-10-10 - a visit to a residential home

Stanton Drew's Diary 29-11-10 - the first snow of the year

Silbury's chats about the New Year's Day walk 12-01-11

Brodgar talks about the weaning of the cria 10-03-11

The Chronicle of the Land of Llamalot 26-03-11

Hetty Pegler at the North Somerset Show 03-05-11

Maes Howe talks about Sancho 17-06-11

Silbury happy not to be sheared 04-07-11

Brodgar talks about mentoring 03-08-11

Croft Ambrey talks about four treks in four days 07-09-11

The Chronicle of the Land of Llamalot 19-09-11

Marden talks about Breeding 31-10-11

Silbury assesses the characters of the Golden Valley Llama herd 06-12-11

Brodgar on Loyalty 15-01-12

Moai and Rollright have a visit from the vet 27-02-12

Stanton Drew describes a trek 10-03-12

Stenness takes a family for a llama trek 11-04-12

Brodgar shows children how to put a llama's halter on 12-05-12

Croft Ambrey tells us about the Builth Wells showground 26-05-12

Silbury enjoys the Jubilee 09-06-12

The Chronicle of the Land of Llamalot 02-07-12

Long Meg presents her new daughter Tintagel 11-07-12

Stanton Drew leads a family on a llama trek 27-08-12

Ringsbury tells us about Silbury's death 10-09-12

Brodgar relates the success of Pharaoh at the Newbury Show 2012 17-09-12

Stenness talks about ears 12-12-12

Marden tries to jump a fence to reach stud Pharaoh 19-12-12

Tintagel takes her first trip off the farm 31-12-12

Long Meg sprains her ankle 27-01-13

Brodgar encourages Belas Knap and Tintagel in their training 18-02-13

Countryfile visits Golden Valley Llamas 18-03-13

Hetty Pegler's first cria Sarum is born 21-04-13

Marden's first cria Flowerdown is born 23-04-13

Belas Knap goes to the North Somerset Show 09-05-13

Maes Howe has a female cria 26-06-13

Long Meg has the fourth and final female cria of 2013 05-07-13

Flowerdown eating a dandelion 19-08-13

Pharaoh prepares for then reports the results of the Newbury Show 23-09-13

Maes Howe introduces article by Tiger Smith 14-11-13

Brodgar assists in the weaning of the crias 20-01-14

Moai takes an early Spring trek 11-03-14

Stenness goes to Church 13-04-14

Belas Knap meets the Brownies 19-04-14

Stanton Drew tells us about when the British Llama Society came to visit 29-04-14

The Chronicle of the Land of Llamalot 06-05-14

Sarum and Flowerdown move to pastures new 16-06-14

Tintagel treks and attends a fete 29-06-14

Long Meg's son Carnac is born 07-07-14

Marden's daughter Mulfra Quoit is born 08-07-14

Hetty's Pegler's son is born 31-07-14

Rollright talks about Moai's illness and recovery July and August 2014

Ann Howe on the Monmouthshire Show 31-08-14

Tintagel's excitement in readiness for the Newbury Show 16-09-14

Hazelton is Reserve Champion of the Newbury Show 22-09-14

Young Carnac tries to eat some leaves 07-12-14

Stenness on the 2014 Christmas trek. First outing for the crias 04-01-15

Moai takes a Hen Party for a trek 22-02-15

Mulfra Quoit visits the film archive 16-04-15

Stonehenge tells of success at the North Somerset Agricultural Show 05-05-15

Rollright takes a sunny trek with Emily and Tim 07-06-15

Marden gives birth to Dorstone 08-07-15

Tintagel tells us about shearing 09-07-15

Maes Howe introduces cria Kilpeck 10-07-15

Brodgar takes Carnac and Stonehenge on their first trek 16-07-15

Long Meg gives birth to Durrington 24-07-15

Hetty Pegler tells us about her new cria Loupin Stanes 19-08-15

Tintagel at the h.Art 2015 Exhibition 14-09-15

Carnac is the first Golden Valley llama to be awarded the Supreme Championship at the British Llama Society annual show 21-09-15

Stonehenge and Carnac take a late-November llama trek 29-11-15

Ann Howe on the 2015 Christmas llama trek 28-12-15

Ann Howe's Bad Hair Day 08-03-16

Moai takes a trek to Ewyas Harold Castle 15-03-16

Maes Howe greets the Spring 05-04-16

Ann Howe on the North Somerset Show 2016 03-05-16

Ann Howe takes a School Trip 24-06-16

Ann Howe shows the girls how to drink from a hose 19-07-16

Long Meg and the girls break into the store of new hay 24-07-16

Long Meg cuts her nose and is treated with the Magic Purple Spray 26-07-16

Long Meg tells us about Loupin Stanes winning the Championship at the Newbury Show 19-09-16

Stonehenge takes an Autumn trek 30-11-16

Tintagel and the Girls take the Low Road 04-01-17

Kilpeck Castle has a little operation 14-01-17

Stonehenge takes a Birthday Llama Trek 04-04-17

Stonehenge with Carnac and Kilpeck takes a sunny trek and helps rescue a lamb 08-04-17

Brodgar leads the Palm Sunday Procession 09-04-17

Hazelton at Dulas Court 10-04-17

Tintagel tells us about her father Pharaoh being sheared in far off Norfolk 29-04-17

Tintagel Wins the 2017 North Somerset Show 02-05-17

Ringsbury and the Golden Valley Llama herd are sheared 14-05-17

Tintagel on her Love of Tennis 06-06-17

Carnac tells us about llama trekking 18-08-17

Long Meg Poses a Question 27-08-17

Tintagel treks and prepares for the National Show 09-09-17

Tintagel reports from the 2017 Newbury Show

The Chronicle of the Land of Llamalot. Trial by Apple 19-10-17

Stenness the Weatherman 10-12-17

Brodgar Leads the 2017 Christmas Llama Trek 27-12-17

Moai has returned from a Llama Trek 17-04-18

Long Meg wins the North Somerset Show 09-05-18

Maes Howe wanders into the kitchen 21-05-18

Ann Howe and Hazelton are Bridesmaids 17-06-18

Carnac on a busy weekend 15-07-18

Stonehenge is Best Llama at Wedding of Abigail and Thomas 06-08-18

Maes Howe is Pretty in Pink 14-09-18

Sporty Long Meg at the Newbury Show 18-09-18

Kilpeck Castle Sleeps and Dreams 10-10-18

Stonehenge Talks about Llamas as Therapy Animals 09-12-18

Stonehenge and Carnac meet new friends 05-01-19

Brodgar takes Louise on her Hen Party Llama Trek 04-03-19

Stanton Drew explains why straw hats are so very tasty 15-04-19

Kilpeck Castle undergoes Wedding Training 02-05-19

Hazelton makes a bride very happy 05-05-19

The Chronicle of the Land of Llamalot 09-05-19

Stanton Drew attends the Ewyas Harold Arts Festival 28-05-19

Stonehenge at the Belmont Abbey Fete 17-06-19