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Long Meg's Diary 26-07-16


I’ve cut my nose and it smarts.


When we are itchy we like to rub on trees and fences and I’ve overdone it.  My nose had a tickle and I rubbed on a fence, cutting my nose, but my person was right on hand and patched me up.


Actually, it’s a very small cut but we always feel upset when we get a scratch or bump.


We were called into the barn and given mix and my person sprayed the ‘Magic Purple Spray’ on my cut nose.  All Well!  And I enjoyed eating my mix.  I know you shouldn’t eat and talk at the same time, but I’m hungry.


I have been told that I will be going to the British Llama Society National Beauty Pageant at Newbury in a few weeks, but I don’t feel very beautiful at the moment.


More news on the important things in life from the Golden Valley Llamas herd soon